Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tango definitions

Milonga: ( Has two meanings) 1. A tango dance party where people dance Argentine Tango, Tango Milonga and Vals. 2. It is a kind of tango dance where the music is played at a faster pace. Milonguero Style: Tango for crowded dance floors, Milonguero Style is the reigning standard for social dance today, from the halls of Buenos Aires to the packed ballrooms US and Europe
Salon Style:
The elegant and expansive tango from the 1940's, salon style originates for the time when dances were held in more expansive, less populated venues. The embrace is close but flexible, opening slightly to make room for various figures while always returning to the initial "V shape" close-embrace to finish a step.
Tango Nuevo:
With movement more specific to the modern era, Tango Nuevo emphasizes fluidity, creativity and the exploration of all the possibilities for tango vocabulary. Tango Nuevo grew out of the classic Salon Style as an adaptation of the complexities of improvising to modern tango music

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