Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Inexpensive window treatments

OK.... How do I get a high end look on a low end budget?
I know.... I will build it myself.
So begins my next quest to get that WOW factor I love so much.
Window treatments are like picking out a dress for a party,
It has to go with the rest of the ensemble.
There are also ways to accentuate certain features.
So in this case I want to make these average size windows
appear larger than what they really are.
Ahhhh!!!! Look at this naked window!!
before image
We constructed a frame using your basic 3/8 inch black foam-core.
Yeah, I could of made it out of wood but remember that low budget?
We measured the windows and drew a simple template.
We cut the foam core board with a razor knife and hot glued the pieces together. As you can see in the picture below we cut some triangle pieces to brace it.
It doesn't have to be pretty on the backside, no one will see it.
Then we wrapped and glued the batting on the front surface.
Next, we wrapped it in a designer fabric, pinned and hot glued the fabric edges.
To hide the ugly back side of this masterpiece just take a solid piece of fabric use hot glue to attach it for a clean finished look.
This image shows the construction of the cornice without the finished backside
This is the final look
It is so light weight it only took two small screws to hold it up.
The foam core board was FREE from a local company that was
going to throw it away
Foam core: Free
Batting: $1.50 per yard
Pins: $2.00
Wholesale Fabric: $3.oo per yard (sells for $16.00 per yard)
Time and Creativity..... PRICELESS
How do you like them apples?
Ciao for now

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