Friday, December 30, 2011

Ralph Lauren paints

We love metallic paints
Some are easier then others to apply. This project required a special roller to apply the Ralph Lauren paint. When applying metallic paint be sure to use a fine fabric heavy nap roller. Always roll your metallic paints in the same direction. Never changing the position of the roller. For example, if your handle is faced to the right, always roll with the roller cage to the right.
Notice in the image below there are no hard lap lines
After the base coat was applied I troweled on a heavy pearlized acrylic textured medium. Then stained and glazed it, which creates depth.
This is another example of a beautiful finish using the same Ralph Lauren paint color but with a different treatment. Below we used a plaster compound to give the walls considerable texture.
I then glazed the walls, which causes the texture to pop-out.
This dining room was commissioned by a well known regional builder and was featured in the Kansas City Homes Tour.
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  1. Hi, I love how the Ralph Lauren metallic turned out in the top photo. Can you tell me what color you used? Thank you!

    1. Also your paint color that you choose to compliment it? We are working on my baby boys room and its an airplane theme. I think both colors you chose would work perfect!


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