Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Crackled finishes

These cracks here, although appear random, are much harder to achieve. This was hand rolled and applied very carefully to the surface. After which it was glazed to back fill the cracks
These cabinets were sprayed with two or three coats using a two step crackled process. After which two coats of French red were spayed and lightly glazed to bring out some of the details.
This is a beautiful effect.
This effect was achieved by spraying the two part crackle through an HPLV sprayer. The second part of the process, the black crackle, was watered down enough to get it through the sprayer. A 1.5 mm or 3.0 mm needle was used due to the thickness of the material. Only a single coat was used here resulting in smaller hairline cracks

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tango definitions

Milonga: ( Has two meanings) 1. A tango dance party where people dance Argentine Tango, Tango Milonga and Vals. 2. It is a kind of tango dance where the music is played at a faster pace. Milonguero Style: Tango for crowded dance floors, Milonguero Style is the reigning standard for social dance today, from the halls of Buenos Aires to the packed ballrooms US and Europe
Salon Style:
The elegant and expansive tango from the 1940's, salon style originates for the time when dances were held in more expansive, less populated venues. The embrace is close but flexible, opening slightly to make room for various figures while always returning to the initial "V shape" close-embrace to finish a step.
Tango Nuevo:
With movement more specific to the modern era, Tango Nuevo emphasizes fluidity, creativity and the exploration of all the possibilities for tango vocabulary. Tango Nuevo grew out of the classic Salon Style as an adaptation of the complexities of improvising to modern tango music

Monday, January 24, 2011

Affordable window treatments

I would like to entitle this little number the "Drama Queen"
What's a queen style room without the drama?
This living space is grand!
18 ft high ceilings and 22 ft wall of dramatic windows
How do we add the "drama" without losing the beautiful architecture?
I know..... I will Create something Fab

We decided to compliment the architectural features by attaching medical tracks to the ceiling, which made them fully functional, then build a facing with the same crown molding that is already featured in the room.

We felt like trapeze artist hanging these puppies up. Don't try this at home kids!
How many yards for this dramatic effect you ask? 250 yards of rich chocolate silk fabric and liner, triple pleated baby!
It felt like I was sewing a parachute at one point, I was swimming in chocolate silk. At any time of the day these drapes can be shut close for a complete blackout effect, also a great insulator from the outdoor elements which is huge plus for those heating and cooling bills.
Ciao for now

Friday, January 21, 2011

Tango Classes

Tango Classes
Beginners and Intermediate

You can see an older demonstration video of Annette and me dancing at Fedora's on the Country Club Plaza. Attached is a link to the web page. Go to "About Us" and click on the "Other Interest" bottom under our picture and it will take you to the video page.

Belvoir Winery is located in Liberty MO and is one of the most beautiful places to visit. Annette and I will be teaching Tango for beginners and intermediate dancers starting Sunday Feb 20th, 2011. The classes begin at 1:00 pm will last until 3:00 pm. The class will be on-going every Sunday throughout the summer.

Visit their website at: , Great site for weddings, parties, summer picnics and more.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Inexpensive window treatments

OK.... How do I get a high end look on a low end budget?
I know.... I will build it myself.
So begins my next quest to get that WOW factor I love so much.
Window treatments are like picking out a dress for a party,
It has to go with the rest of the ensemble.
There are also ways to accentuate certain features.
So in this case I want to make these average size windows
appear larger than what they really are.
Ahhhh!!!! Look at this naked window!!
before image
We constructed a frame using your basic 3/8 inch black foam-core.
Yeah, I could of made it out of wood but remember that low budget?
We measured the windows and drew a simple template.
We cut the foam core board with a razor knife and hot glued the pieces together. As you can see in the picture below we cut some triangle pieces to brace it.
It doesn't have to be pretty on the backside, no one will see it.
Then we wrapped and glued the batting on the front surface.
Next, we wrapped it in a designer fabric, pinned and hot glued the fabric edges.
To hide the ugly back side of this masterpiece just take a solid piece of fabric use hot glue to attach it for a clean finished look.
This image shows the construction of the cornice without the finished backside
This is the final look
It is so light weight it only took two small screws to hold it up.
The foam core board was FREE from a local company that was
going to throw it away
Foam core: Free
Batting: $1.50 per yard
Pins: $2.00
Wholesale Fabric: $3.oo per yard (sells for $16.00 per yard)
Time and Creativity..... PRICELESS
How do you like them apples?
Ciao for now

Friday, January 7, 2011

Ant scuplture inspiration

I love conversational art.
The unexpected element of......What in the world!!!!
I was inspired by an artist by the name of Joseph Paragine who is responsible for this cool art display at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta Ga.

So began my ant sculpture quest....

They come in all different sizes, What do you think? Is this too big for my living room?

Are you itchy yet?

ahhh hah! Just the right size!

These are little outdoor patio wire ants I purchased at a local hobby and crafts store. They weren't more than a few dollars a piece.

1)I marked the wall where I wanted them

2)I bent the little legs

3) Drilled three to four little holes in the wall where I wanted the legs to go in

and there you have it.

I nestled them in the corner, again, I want that element of .... Surprise!!

I have had many reactions from the heeby jeebees to the shock look on peoples faces.

Ciao for now

Tifanny Blue room with Trellis Stencil

BEHOLD! The POWER of PAINT!!! Before     This boring room is getting a makeover               Before                    ...