Thursday, June 6, 2013

DIY Decorative Hood Range Vent

Look what we just built over the weekend!
Just kidding, but this beaut will serve as my inspiration for my kitchen.
We have a gas stove and need a stronger vent for my personal
Chef-Husband-Faux Finisher..(I can go on) to cook his fancy shmancy dishes.
Here is what I have to work with... small but it will work.
Buh-Bye microwave.
We ordered an exhaust vent with the appropriate dimensions
 and hair blowing C.F.M.'s 
We hired the best contractors, MCB-Repairs to install the new vent
 and air it to the outside.
And a very talented Carpenter with Carpenterama to build and frame in our vision.
The 2 existing doors were removed and the area was decoratively framed
 to cover and house the vent.

 After the contractors secured and built to suite,
we dressed it up with small scaled rope trim.

It's a simple design and It's taking shape.

We sanded and caulked then I combed the rats nest out of my hair.
It needs a little more action so we purchased a beautiful
small scaled wooden embellishment for the center.
We used liquid nails to adhere.
OK just hold it there for 30 more minutes babe..

Do you know what time it is ???
Prime time!
We used an adhesion primer and applied a thin even coat.

2 coats of the kitchen cabinet paint and......
Wait for it....
Wait for it....

We glazed the architectural features or the trim to match the rest of the cabinets
Glaze was applied heavily in all the grooves than wiped off.

Before                                                    After
I love to watch my Husband cook in this happy kitchen. 

 This look gives the kitchen an elegant feel.
Wouldn't a decorative tile look great behind the stove???
OH HONEY!!!!!!!



  1. Hi! Found your blog via Fauxology, so I decided to take a peek at some of your posts. Very nice job on the range hood.

    Hopefully you will come visit my little blog as well. I am a decorative painter on Long Island.

    Here's a post about a range hood I did not too long ago - it was a commercial one that was sooo ugly.

    Glad to meet you.


    PS - I am signing in on my google account - I now have a blog on Wordpress -

  2. Hi. Can you please tell us what actual exhaust vent that you used?


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