Thursday, May 17, 2012

Trellis Stencil Pattern with Metallic Paint

Our Blurry Office..

We recently purchased a house and carefully chose the room
 that would be our new office.
Unfortunately, I didn't take a good before picture so
I used the poor quality listing picture, hence the blurriness
(Is that a real word...)

I've been seeing a lot of trellis patterns in interior design and I'm totally in love.
Lets do a featured trellis wall!!
I researched many stencils and chose
We're impatient so out goes the blow dryer!
on cool a setting of coarse.

It's very important to use a level when preparing a starting point
so your pattern stays level and consistent throughout
oh... and and tape the edge of the ceilings

   Make sure to keep the pattern level or you'll have a wall from
 Ripley's Believe It or Not.


This is a before picture of the featured wall

I should mention we converted the closet into an open
space to place our office credenza.

Fits like a glove....

We used a metallic paint so taking a picture was challenging.
The pictures captured a halo.

I painted an abstract painting of lips in silver shades 

Tifanny Blue room with Trellis Stencil

BEHOLD! The POWER of PAINT!!! Before     This boring room is getting a makeover               Before                    ...