Friday, March 9, 2012

Kitchen Makeover

Some may know that I'm a realtor and we recently purchased a house
that we are going to grow old and die in
In a Realtors years that's 3 - 5 yrs
At this point it's an addiction to remodel and sell

Let the games begin!!!!

This was our YELLOW oak kitchen and it's about to get a makeover
We wanted a modern french feel, not the bright white cabinets,
but a soft neutral off-white color with a charcoal gray detail glaze


This was our tile color before we stained it
It's not bad but we want to go with a grey color scheme
It's very "peachy" in color and it tends to stand out


This is the look we wanted and we achieved it
I love the fact we didn't have to demo the kitchen tile and break the bank
to get a look we wanted
We also added crown molding to finish the look
Whats a french look without the crown. no?
After we painted the cabinets the tile color didn't compliment the rest of the kitchen so I use a product called stain and seal.
I mixed a metallic silver with a ebony and created a nice translucent grey tone.
I cleaned and prepped the surface and applied the product right on the tile
I then stippled it and use a very high grade commercial top coat
As you can see the grout took the stain darker
so it looks like a dark gray grout

We love it!!

Next you say ???? A DIY hood vent.

Stay tuned...

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