Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tantalizing Turquoise French Provincial

We found this old little French Provincial vanity/desk on craigslist.
I couldn't wait to take it home and begin my therapeutic relaxation session
with paint.
It was old ... it was vintage.... it was dingy yellow and
it had a little girl's graffiti all over it.
You know what time it is???
It's Prime time!!
Turquoise is the happiest color ever!!!
We all have a color that makes us happy, right?
There are so many happy turquoise colors ,
It was hard to choose from but this made me the happiest.
I couldn't find a zebra stencil large enough so...
I made my own zebra stripe design with frog tape.
I then detailed in gold metallic and purchased some black and white pulls.
You can't see from the pictures but I glazed the whole thing in a
faux effects gold metallic. I glistened in the sun.
I put the last finishing touch .... Love
I hope there is a little girl out there enjoying it, or a mom, or guy.
As long as it brings happiness.


  1. Oh my gosh, this is so FUN!!! I know it's bringing someone so much happiness!! You can't look at that and not be happy!!! The PERFECT shade of turquoise!

    1. My wife had the best time refinishing this piece, thanks for your comments


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