Friday, January 20, 2012

Revamped French Provincial Ladies Desk

Zees French lady is suffering from an identity crisis....
I mean ... she's got the french accent but she's not dressed like
zee belle femme, No?...
I feel my pepe le pew accent coming on!!
Zee front....
Zee back....
Hmmm..... zome nice panels to do zomething nice, no? ...
It's makeover time!!
We wanted to do something daring with this piece.
Go big or go home, No?
Zuh Reveal!!
We found 2 amazing complimenting french scences
(that I briefly imagined myself in) and adhered them on the back panels.
Here is a close up, look at the quality of the finish.
Huh! Huh! Oui! Oui!
The details were hand painted with a fine brush.
This was truley a labor of love or should I say labor of "amour"
We could of gone with clear glass knobs but these scarlet color pulls are like that finishing touch of red lipstick, they really add interest to her "face" No?
C'est Magnifique !
We crackled and glazed the beautuful french scene to give it an antique feel.
For the finishing touch we hand painted the scroll accents in a metallic bronze.
We applied several layers of topcoat for a durable finish.
Another beutiful makeover, Isn't she a knock out!!
Pepe le pew said it best when he said....
We really enjoyed the process and creativity of this project, but we cannot become too attached to this little lady, for we will be parting with her.
Oui ! ... She is For Sale !
Contact Mitch 816-516-4824 for inquires
Zee End....

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful!! I liked it before the crackle but I love the finished look. Adore the handles what a great makeover.


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