Monday, January 2, 2012

Oak or Pine Cabinets Transformed

Old World Aged Cabinets
Below is an example of a typical builders grade cabinet unit, which can be purchased from any number of DYI home stores.
See how we turned these low-end cabinets into a one-off high-end look
We base coated the raw wood to seal it up, then applied a texture medium, ( secret sauce & special application ), which can be seen on the right side of the cabinet. This created a distinct pattern which is used later when rubbing back the final layer of paint. We then applied a gold metallic layer, shown here on the left side of the cabinet.
The following close up shots shows how the texture is highlighted by the metallic paint.
We then applied a special paint compound ( more secret sauce ) which allowed for a mild rub back with a damp cheese cloth. Notice this effect is different then sanding back to your subsequent layer.
The effect is amazing and creates the Old World Aged look that can be hard to achieve
You can see more of our work at:

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