Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How to paint French Provencial Furniture

So I'm flipping through some pages of the June 2011 Architectural Digest Open House addition and saw this priceless corner cabinet ...... and I wanted it! BAD!!
Yep, wrap it up and ship it to my house asap, also I'll take an oompa loompa, a live in helper and mama needs a pony...
Ok back to reality!!!
What's a girl to do?.......
Oh Honey!!!!!
I showed it to my Husband/Artist/Chef/love of my life and Faux finisher,
He fell in love with it as much as I did.
Alright then, I gave him his mission which he gladly accepted
Your mission Mitch ... If you choose to accept it.......
We found this beaut on craigslist
Its solid, nice curves, it's french provincial and in great condition
Let the Games begin!
He Striped it down, cleaned it, sanded it, and primed
b.t.w. who needs a formal dining room when you can have your very own indoors warm paint studio which you can paint to the wee hours of the night
I'm going to miss it when the tile is installed.
We used faux effects Kettle glow which is a metallic charcoal color.
Drawers and side panels were painted in faux effects metallic Pewter Gold
(My Fav)
Which was aged and glazed with Vandyke Brown
Then detailed and pinstriped the drawers with metal glow Toasted Coconut
It's starting to take on a personality now
It's ALIVE!!!!
We chose a beautiful french scene and adhered it to the panels.
We sealed the front surface and a used a clear 2 part crackle to give it depth and texture.
Then lightly glazed it to give it that antiqued
"I've been around since the 18 th century" look

It takes my breath away beautiful! This piece for me really shows a persons creativity and most important... Love,...  Thank you Honey.
Are you ready for you next mission ... Honey!!!??




  1. OMG! I love your blog and must say you really brought this piece to life! Thank you for showing step by steps it really is helping me out.

    1. thanks for the comment. we enjoy hearing from you regarding our projects

  2. Whoa! Just stumbled upon this...totally awesome.


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