Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fireplace re-do with Faux tumbled tile

There she is!!!
The eye sore in our living room. We painted the fireplace in a beautiful metallic finish then softened it up with a walnut stain but now the tile doesn't go.
OK..... I'll just rip out the existing tile a replace it with a tumbled marble tile ..... pretty right?
Yeah pretty expensive!

This is my inspiration so..... It's time to raid the paint vault!

Step 1. Clean the tile with a tsp
Step deux. Sand with 150 grit sandpaper
Step 3. Clean tile with tsp
Step 4. Prime tile with Styx water base adhesion primer (good stuff)
I filled the existing grout lines with a high end synthetic venetian plaster
A good tip I learned the hard way is make sure your tile is room temperature if it's too cold the venetian plaster will droop and sag.
Ughhh... Those are the worst words a lady can hear.
I then rolled a "scratch coat" layer of plaster over the entire surface and re-filled my grout lines because the plaster shrinks as it dries.
Patience young grasshopper ... we will let dry and finish in the morning
Having no concept of time I pull my Husband into my timeless world....
Wake up Mitch and wash my brushes PLEASE!!!...
that's 12:03 am
And like a good Husband .... he does it
I think his eyes are still closed
I purchased a mosaic tile stencil online for 11 bucks!
I then applied a thin layer of plaster with a Japan scraper
I use a level and measure as I go
Here is a close up of my faux tumbled stone mosaic tile
I sanded the finished product with a sanding block to get excess plaster off and smoothed out.
And here is the finished look!
This project was very inexpensive but looks like a million


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