Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Silk Padded Wall

Why would a builder stick a window in the corner on the Bed facing wall???
Symmetry !!!!
Here's the plan... Let's make it disappear
We covered the window with blackout fabric.
My supplies:
Measuring tape
Foam core
2 inch strips of wood
Nail gun
and the all powerful glue gun 
We wanted a grid look so we purchased wooden slats and painted them
 with Ralph Lauren metallic silver paint


We found beautiful silk fabric.
 We measured, we cut, we hot glued the batting and Fabric on to the foam core. 

We cut strips of wood to size and nailed them to hold the panels.
They are snug as a bug!

We worked our way down the wall.
 What Window?
 Here is a photo taken during the day,
We still get plenty of light in our relaxing boudoir.


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