Friday, November 23, 2012

Diy Mohawk YSL shoes

I know I should be faux finishing or painting something for the blog but
I found these online and fell in love with these funky shoes, but was not in love with the price tag. OUCH!!!

I knew exactly how I was going to make them.

Here is my version..

These are all the materials your going to need.

Start with the right shape shoes.
These resemble the heel of the original YSL shoe.
They don't have to be exact but they do have to be comfortable.
I found these at Nordstom rack.

I purchased 7 inches of faux fur from the trim section of the fabric store.

I cut it in the direction of the length

Combed it

Spiked it with hairspray

Glued the back with clear tack glue

Placed it on the back of the heel.

Slapped them on my bird legs.

Love them!!!

I spent less than $4.00 for this project and they look FAB YOU LUS!!


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