Tuesday, March 1, 2011


We just got back from an amazing trip to Boquete Panama, where we felt like we were in a monet painting.

Time felt like it stood still, there was so much beauty to be appreciated
Our morning view, ahhhhhhh (Exhale) .......

OH Meet Ricky! Our 5 am alarm clock that wouldn't stop!!
Seriously, I wanted to cook him by the 3rd day
Put a sock in it RICKY!!

We will be back to this paradise one day


  1. Lovely images! That sounds like quite the trip. Ricky would have looked delicious to me by the third day as well...

  2. Regina,

    Thanks for the comment. We had a great time in Panama. We almost moved there. We fell in love with the food, the people and the life style.
    We love your blog and look at it all the time.
    Please stay in touch,



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