Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Zebra stripe

Look up! See the Zebra stripe on the header of the blog?
This is actually a table we hand painted.
We used a crackle finish then glazed it.
I love Zebra stripes! I love them in every shape and every color.
Ok, Look down.......
This is the sad table, which is too classy to be looking like this!!
So we gave her some sass and some class!

Isn't she a beaut!
These sexy legs are finished with a stone pull off, topped with metallic foils and beautifully glazed with a pearlized finish. The ornamental features you see are italian accents that we added for that extra character.
It was hard to let her go..... She went to a good home in less than 24 hrs.


So were off to our next project

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